Dadakarides Salt



Every day at Dadakarides Salt S.A.

we give new life to an age-old product. We produce quality salt products for modern industries, firms, public administration, and organizations seeking tailor-made solutions.


We create added value

The miraculous white treasure that keeps the roads open when it snows, boosts animal health, maintains and develops a range of industrial products and necessities, is our starting point. Quality is our destination. At every station along this path, meticulous screening is the element ensuring that our customers find the salt in their desired form, consistency and specifications.


We control all stages with flexibility

Our business responds to your specific needs, to offer you better value for money and meet your exact specifications, operating in full compliance with certified procedures and quality product control, both at collection and at all processing and standardization stages.


We are the only company in Greece using potassium iodate for the iodization of sea salt.

Our export network in Europe currently includes Cyprus, Albania, Republic of North Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Malta, Romania, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary. These partnerships strengthen our company in times of sweeping changes, confirm the quality of our products and give us the impetus to expand our activity and develop our story.