Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

he website of the Société Anonyme “DADAKARIDES SALT SA”, distinctive title “SALT SA”, (hereinafter referred to as “Company” or “Website”), for its better operation and improved navigation in its website, uses cookies. It is important for visitors to know what kind of cookies our website is using and for what purposes. In addition, it is important to know which cookies are necessary for the operation of the Website and which may be used only with the visitor’s express consent, revocable at any time. This helps protect one’s personal data while ensuring a user-friendly browsing experience. This policy also includes a definition of cookies which cookies are used by the Website and how you can disable them, if desired.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your computer, tablet or mobile device when you visit it. This Website uses cookies to manage sessions and provide personalized content reflecting one’s personal needs and interests. In this way, this Website remembers the visitor’s actions and preferences for a period of time, so they do not have to reset them at every visit, unless desired.

The Website cannot verify your personal identity through cookies and does not retain any file or database with your personal data. All cookies, apart from those necessary for the operation of the Website, are stored on your device only with your express consent. You may withdraw or modify your consent regarding cookies at any time.

Cookies on this Website and how to manage them

The Company uses session cookies, which remain in the cookie file of your device's browser only during your visit and are deleted once you close the browser. In particular:

  • Necessary Cookies:

Necessary cookies help to make a website usable, allowing basic functions such as navigation and access to secure areas of the website. Necessary cookies do not recognize your identity. Without them, effective operation of the website cannot be ensured, and these are therefore considered absolutely necessary. You cannot opt out of the necessary cookies, because this would affect proper function of the Website.

  • Preference Cookies:

Preference cookies allow a website to remember information that adapt the way the website behaves or looks like, such as your preferred language or the region you are in.

  • Statistics Cookies:

Statistics cookies help website owners understand how visitors interact with their sites, by anonymous collection and reporting of information.

  • Marketing Cookies:

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites. The purpose is to display ads relevant and engaging to users, and therefore more valuable to third-party publishers and advertisers.

  • Unclassified Cookies:

Unclassified cookies are cookies under classification, together with individual cookie providers, and therefore cannot be included in any of the above categories, based on their purpose.

How to manage Cookies

Cookies are stored on your computer, after prior information of the user and acceptance thereof, except for cookies necessary for the operation of the Website, which are automatically stored with the use of the Website. You are entitled to know the purpose served by each cookie and it is at your discretion to accept only necessary cookies, some or all of the cookies used by the website. You have the right to withdraw your consent to the use of cookies at any time and for all cookies, except those absolutely necessary, which affect proper function of the Website. With your visit to the Website, you may choose, through the pop-up window, if you accept or reject the cookies used. In any case, you may refer to this Cookies Policy and find out more information.

Useful information

Not allowing a certain cookie or a category of cookies on this Website will not delete existing cookies from your browser. This should be done separately, through the settings of your browser. Further information on how to delete cookies or adjust cookie settings for each browser is available in the list below:

  • Google Chrome:

  • Firefox:

  • Internet Explorer:

  • Safari:

  • Useful guide for deleting and managing cookies in browsers:

Browsers ( web browsers ) are usually set by default to accept cookies . Today, more and more browsers, though not all, have built-in pop-ups to provide user consent. In any case, if you want to modify the operation of the browser ( web browser ) that you use so that it warns you about the use of cookies or does not allow the acceptance of their use, you can refer to the settings of the browser you are using.

Useful links about cookies :

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The Website may include links or references to other websites. The Website does not control cookies and/or tracking technologies of other websites and this Cookie Policy does not apply to those websites.

Since this communication and the personal data protection terms included here may be modified, the Subject should regularly be informed about its content and check for any changes.

Last update: 14.06.2022